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    Give me your wardrobe: Belle French, Once Upon a Time

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    Happy 53rd Birthday, Robert Carlyle! (April 14th, 1961)

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    Emma:Hey Belle I--
    Belle:Alright, what is it this time? Someone else missing? I can make more locator potion.
    Emma:No it's not--
    Belle:Or do you need me to do some research? We can head down to the library. Just let me get my coat.
    Emma:Research? No I--
    Belle:Well I can let you borrow whatever magical item you want but you'll have to make sure you get it back before--
    Emma:Belle! I don't need anything. I just wanted to know how you're doing what with the whole Zelena situation and the Neal situation and the million other situations going on right now. It's been rough on everybody.
    Belle:So you burst into the shop and you don't need a favor from me.
    Belle:Not even a little one.
    Belle:Huh. That's new.
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    belle french in 3x17 “the jolly roger”

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    Click and spread the love for Emilie, people. <

    By the way… she looks like a real princess, here. Sometimes I miss her blond hair. :’)

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    Robert Carlyle talking about his wife and children - for rywen

    All quotes taken from interviews with him over the years.

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    So, I tried my best at ‘Rumple doesn’t end up fully sending Belle away’

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