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    get to know me : [2/5] favorite relationship » Rumbelle

    "I love you, Belle. You made me stronger."

    not my gifs

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    Ehi, people out there! Here’s an italian channel about Emilie de Ravin that I create to collect interviews, ComiCon events and more. Not all of them with subs, but mostly. I’m working on it. 
    So, click on the image to be redirect! :D

    *spread the love*. 

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    Gomez and Morticia, Eternal Love.

    Envious. ƈ  ͡ (ुŏ̥̥̥̥ ‸ ŏ̥̥̥̥) ु

    I love them.

    My first OTP. :’) 

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    counting up the years → episode one of each season

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    So, I was thinking… based on spoilers, Anna will do something - manipulating by Rumple/Dark One on flashbacks - that normally she wouldn’t do. So, I guess that eventually this will make Rumple her worst enemy and probably a person she will despise (as the all EF, indeed). 

    But we’ll also have a Belle centric episode *can’t wait for it! FINALLY* when Anna and Belle will become friends (in flashbacks, obv). 

    And I’m asking to myself how awkward, strange and also interesting will be when Anna finally coming on Storybrooke and, hopefully, reunite with all her old mates (first of all her sister and Kristoff!). Because I’m picturing the scene when Belle will come and tell to Anna: “Hey, old friend”. “Oh, Belle” *hugs* *brief talk* “But you’re married!” *point that giant ring* “I’m married. And that’s my husband, the Dark One”. 
    And she’ll be probably shock and will answer: “Oh, yes, the one who make me doing things that I despise. How are you?”.

    Just awkward. At least, I hope that we’ll see the reunion. That will be a fun scene - well, not so much for Anna - before the upcoming Rumbelle drama. 
    And, yes, I’m already fangirling about the Belle/Anna friendship. <3

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    Anonimo ha chiesto: You know what I love about Bobby and Emilie? Their chemistry on screen is incredible even when it's not a "romantic" scene. It's their when they banter, when they argue, when they cry, etc... It's just remarkable. If Gold keeps this up, he may end up ON the rocks and we'll see how good Bobby's chemistry is with a rock, lol



    I think Bobby is going to have incredible chemistry with Rock Bottom!

    I agree about he and Emilie. Their chemistry comes across even when they’re not in character. In interviews and the like they still play off each other really well.

    Totally agree. They have more chemistry in 00.30 seconds of scene than others in more minutes, for me!

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    "I’ve started to ship this because of you"


    e v e r y o n e will ship lawlu.

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