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    Katie and Emily sitting next to each other at the DC Panel.

    Emily being all excited when they bring up Ted Grant, who is Laurel’s mentor on her way to become Black Canary.

    Emily showing her biceps to Katie, and making excited faces.


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    ouat meme: {3/10} characters
                 ↳belle french:
    Heroism. Sacrifice. You know, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for women in this land, to show what they can do; to see the world, to be heroes. So when you arrived, that was my chance. I always wanted to be brave. I figured, do the brave thing and bravery would follow”

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 Stephen Amell  +  Katie Cassidy on set the Arrow 

    Stephen Amell  +  Katie Cassidy on set the Arrow 

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    Future AU with Natalie Dormer as Rumple and Belle’s daughter

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    Julie Andrews sharing a sweet story about her grandson, Sam, on The Rachael Ray Show.

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    One of my favorite Clois scenes. It was both funny and heart touching. Just look at Clark’s face when Lois says that she is going to leave Smallville. Then he reassures her that they will be together forever. Love how many different emotions go thorugh this scene.

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    Happy 12th birthday Ava Carlyle! 

    And happy Independence Day to all you Americans!

    AS SOON as he sits down, the reason for Robert Carlyle’s good spirits becomes apparent. He and his wife, the make-up artist Anastasia Shirley, have just had their first child.

    "Aye. That’s why I’m so good. It’s a wee girl, Ava. Born six weeks ago."

    Having spent the past decade establishing himself as one of Britain’s very best actors, parenthood seems to be the catalyst for Carlyle finally coming to terms with his achievements - and enjoying his success for the first time.

    "Suddenly I’m thinking: I’m 41, my daughter’s just born, and if I’m lucky I’ll get another 40 years out of this, of being a father," he says in a still-broad and expletive- laden Glaswegian accent. "It’s also given me an excuse to kinda look over my shoulder for the first time. I’m not a reflective person. But now I’m looking back and thinking - man, you’ve fucking come a long way for this wee boy in Maryhill. "

    - The Telegraph, 12 September 2002

    Bobby’s very special girl has chosen a very special day to be born 12 years ago. Today Ava has become a lovely young lady!

    Previous birthday cards: Harvey, Pearce, Daddy Carlyle.

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